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TS1390 CO2 laser cutting machine ruida system

Adopt ruida control system, intelligent and convenient, can work continuously 24 hours, data transmission without interruption; enhanced high-power laser tube to ensure smooth cutting, improve stability, durability; front and back through the material design, improve efficiency, processing fast, material saving; suitable for clothing, leather, plush toys, computer embroidery cutting, electronic appliances, models, handicrafts, advertising and decoration, construction decoration, packaging printing The machine is suitable for professional users in the garment, leather, plush toy, computer embroidery and cutting, electronics and electrical appliances, handicrafts, advertising and decoration, construction and decoration, packaging and printing, paper products and other industries that require high precision in engraving and cutting.




co2 laser cutting machine


Product Advantages


1. Adopting imported linear guide rails and high-speed stepping motors and drives to make the cutting effect smooth and ripple-free at the edges.

2. integrated frame structure design, so that the machine is stable and noiseless operation.

3. simple operation, can be arbitrary carving order, processing levels, can achieve partial or full one-time output laser power, speed, focal length adjustment flexibility.

4. open software interface, compatible with Autocad, Coreldraw and other vector drawing design software.

5. High-strength steel plate, effectively guaranteeing the smooth operation and life of the equipment.

6. Double guide rail operation, belt drive, optional configuration of honeycomb/strip/plate/lifting.

7. Upper and lower extraction smoke and dust removal system, blowing air to protect the marking material.


Product parameters


Working Table Size
1300mmm *900mm
Laser Tube
Sealed CO2 glass Tube
Working Table
Blade platform
Laser Power
Cutting Speed
0-100 mm/s
Engraving Speed
Minimum Letter
English 1×1mm (Chinese Characters 2*2mm)
Support Fils
Computer system
Windows XP/win7/ win8/win10
57 Stepper Motor
Power Voltage
AC 110 or 220V±10%,50-60Hz
Power cable
European Type/China Type/America Type/UK Type
Working Environment
0-45℃(temperature) 5-95%(humidity)
Z-Axis Movement
Motor control up and down
Position system
Red-light pointer
Cooling way
Water cooling and protection system
Packing Size


Product details



Product Applications


Suitable materials.

Fabric, leather, wool, plexiglass, wood, plastic, rubber, tiles, crystal, jade, bamboo products.

Applicable industries.

1、Advertising decoration: can make all kinds of badges, hanging tags, nameplates, etc., can engrave patterns and texts on various materials, cut all kinds of materials (such as acrylic, monochrome plates, two-colour plates…) characters and graphics.

2、Craft and gift industry: engraving all kinds of characters and graphics on handicrafts and souvenirs. Production of various bamboo crafts, various pen holders, business card boxes, crystal processing, etc.

3、Packaging printing: rubber plate making, intaglio plate making. Hot stamping of bags and boxes, production of plastic word moulds for carton packaging.

4、Trademark processing: engraving of various circuit board markings, perforation and milling, engraving of ABS, PC and other material trademarks.

5、Model making: sand table models, housing models, architectural models, aviation and marine models, wooden toys, etc.


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