Do you know the application field of CO2 laser cutting machine?

With the continuous breakthrough of modern laser technology, the gradual popularization of laser technology, and the upgrading and development of related industries, the application space of laser technology continues to grow. At present, not only high-tech industries and precision processing industries are widely used, but also more and more modern laser technology is used in traditional processing fields; Laser technology also has many specific fields. CO2 laser cutting machine is a branch of laser technology. Do you know which fields use CO2 laser cutting technology?

 Do you know the application field of CO2 laser cutting machine

1. Vaporization cutting

The workpiece rises to the temperature above the boiling point under the heating of the laser 

beam, part of the material turns into steam, and the escaped part is blown away from the bottom of the cutting seam as ejecta. It requires a high power density of 108w/cm2, which is 10 times the energy required by the melting cutting machine. This method is suitable for processing wood, carbon and some plastics that cannot be melted.

2. Melt cutting

When the power density of the laser beam exceeds a certain value, it will evaporate in the workpiece to form holes, and then the auxiliary gas coaxial with the beam will drive away the molten material around the holes and form gaps.

3. Oxygen assisted melting cutting

If oxygen or other active gas is used to replace the inert gas used for melting and cutting, another heat source outside the laser energy will be generated at the same time due to the ignition of the hot matrix. This process is complex, and most steel plates belong to this kind of cutting. Oxygen assisted melting cutting has two energy sources, and the relationship between laser power and cutting speed should be mastered during cutting.

4. Control fracture cutting

When a small area of brittle material is heated by a laser beam, the thermal gradient and subsequent severe mechanical deformation will lead to cracks. In this kind of cutting, the laser power and spot size should be mainly controlled.

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Post time: Mar-13-2023