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Do You Really Know CO2 Laser Marking Machine?

The co2 laser marking machine is a laser galvanometer marking machine that uses co2 gas as the working medium.

● Principle

The co2 laser uses co2 gas as the medium, fills co2 and other auxiliary gases into the discharge tube and applies high voltage on the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, and the gas releases a laser with a wavelength of 1064um. After the laser energy is amplified, it passes through the galvanometer After scanning and focusing with the F-Theta mirror, images, characters, numbers, and lines can be marked on the workpiece according to user requirements. The co2 laser[/B][B] has a wavelength of 10.64un, which is easily absorbed by most non-metallic materials; the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high; the laser output mode is mainly the fundamental mode, and the beam quality is good and stable; it is non-contact processing without mechanical Wear and deformation; no consumables, low processing cost; high processing efficiency, the processing speed is calculated in milliseconds; flexible control, compatible with automated production lines; fast development speed, change the logo at will, no need for mold making.

● Applicable materials and industries

Applicable materials include; polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ABS, acrylic (PMMA), bulletproof glue (PC), unsaturated polyester (AK), polyurethane (EP), glass, wood, paper, etc.

● Advantages

1. High light energy conversion rate is the common advantage of all laser marking machines.

2. The closed-tube carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine can generate power continuously with a high pulse frequency.

3. The laser outputs dozens of spectral lines close to 10 microns, and the standard high precision can achieve -10 micron precision range output

4. The wavelength is correct, the light transmittance is high, the beam quality is high, the line width is narrow, and the work is stable.

5. It has good directivity and controllability, stable monochromatic frequency, low gas density and low output density.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine1 CO2 Laser Marking Machine2

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