GM-CP 500W 500W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine No Damage to The Substrate

  • Machine Model GM-CP
  • Cooling Method: Air cooling/Water cooling
  • Fiber Cable Length: 5M/10M
  • Cleaning Width: 0-300mm
  • Laser Power: 500W/1000W
  • Laser Source Brand: JPT
  • Core Components: PLC, Laser generator
  • Applicable Industries: Cleaning
  • Applicable Material : Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Aluminum, Wood, Stone, Metal, Paper
  • Weight (KG): 230 KG




Pulse laser cleaning machine (500W / 1000W)

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Factory exterior view


Hand-held cleaning head Exquisite appearance, light weight, 

not easy to get tired after long-term use, precise optical path,

highly integrated two-dimensional scanning galvanometer,

optical lens components, etc., better use effect.

Mechanical Configuration

           Control System

The professional pulse cleaning system is designed for use with a variety of materials and has temperature protection, motor abnormality protection, and other safety mechanisms. It has an automatic sleep function during idle times and supports switching between 8 cleaning modes and changes in multiple languages.

     Laser Machine

It has perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control capabilities, a lightweight laser output head, and maintains the excellent anti-reflection performance of the laser, and has outstanding advantages in laser cleaning.

Handheld Pulse laser cleaning machine

It has the advantages of easy control, easy automation integration, no chemical reagents, surface cleaning, high cleaning cleanliness, high precision, high efficiency and environmental protection, safety and reliability, almost no damage to the surface of the substrate, and can solve many problems that cannot be solved by traditional cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model GM-CP
Laser Source
Laser Power 500W/1000W
Cooling Method
Air cooling
Laser Wave Length
1064 NM
 Laser swing type
8 kinds
 Adjustable laser width
Fiber cable
Cleaning head weight

Sample display

Professional pulse cleaning system, high efficiency, wide application, no pollution, truly suitable for different requirements of different materials.ubber mold residue cleaninaist pipe, multi-deformed pipe, etc.

Metal rust removal

Mold decontamination

Parts rust removal

Remove oil stains

Tube rust removal

Wheel hub rust removal

Statue Cleaning

Parts paint removal

Product Specifications

Industrial machinery and equipment play an important role in modern industrial production... Their performance and quality are directly related to production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, GOLD MARK carries out correct packaging and transportation before transporting machinery and equipment over long distances or delivering it to users to ensure the safety and integrity of the machinery and equipment.

Mold industry

Shipping industry

Rail transit industry

Parts industry

Kitchenware industry

Fitness equipment

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