GM-CP 300W 500W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine No Damage to The Substrate

  • Machine Model GM-CP
  • Cooling Method: Air cooling/Water cooling
  • Fiber Cable Length: 5M/10M
  • Cleaning Width 0-300mm
  • Laser Power 200W/300W/500W/1000W





Product dvantage:

(1) Little to no damage to material surfaces.
(2) Very light weight, easy to move to various places.

(3) No expensive consumables, no chemical pollution, energy saving and power saving

(4) easy to operate, can carry or equipped with robots for automatic cleaning
(5) High cleaning efficiency, saving time

(6) stable laser cleaning system, maintenance-free

(7) Air pressure alarm device, safer to use.

1. The cleaning gun has a variety of laser output shapes.

2. The parameters can be adjusted on the cleaning gun, which is very convenient.

3. This machine has air pressure warning light, which will be more safe.




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