3 in 1 Laser Welding Machine


Three-in-one laser welding cleaning machine can cut, weld and clean the metal, without purchasing multiple laser equipment, suitable for welding stainless steel and aluminum alloy, carbon steel, titanium alloy, etc., can also be used for rust removal and hand-held metal cutting. Used for metal rust, paint, oil and coating cleaning, saving cost and space.

Can weld a variety of metal plate, pipe, mainly used in stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, a variety of alloy plate, rare metal and other materials welding.
Copper alloy surface patina cleaning steel pipe surface oxides, pollutants cleaning rail rust removal.

Widely used in advertising signs, hardware products, auto parts, craft gifts and other industries, can be used for welding carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and other metal materials