Mini 100W 200W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

  • Machine Model: TSJE-100/TSJE-200
  • Pump Lamp: Pulsed Xenon Lamp
  • Output Power: 100W/200W
  • Laser Type: YAG
  • Power Supply: 220V



200W Yag Gold Silver Metal Dental Jewelry repair tabletop Laser Welder Spot Welding Machine for glasses


1. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, seam welding and sealing welding. The advantage is high position accuracy, easy to realize robotization


2. Large working space, convenient for placing various tools and cleaning welding debris


3.Jewelry laser welding machine adopts YAG technology, so xenon brand and crystal, It is the core part of the whole laser welding machine


4. Contains ring-shaped, shadow-free, adjustable-brightness LED lights to make the welding area clearer and meet the subtle welding requirements

This machine is specially designed for jewelry laser welding, which is mainly used in jewelry patching holes . Laser spot welding is one of the most important applications for material processing technology. The procedure of spot welding belongs to heat conduction type, that’s to say the laser radiation heat the surface of the work piece, the heat on the surface spread toward inside by heat conduction. By controlling the parameters as width, energy, peak power and frequency, etc. of the laser pulse, work piece will be melted and formed special molten pool. Due to the particular advantage, it has been successfully used in processing gold and silver jewelry as well as welding tiny and small parts

High Quality Microscope

It help to observe the welding condition very clearly

Machine Appearance

White orange
We use pure white corrugrated paint, it is easy to clean, durable and not easy to get scratched

Laser Control System

We have water setting temperature, actual temperature detection. When the temperature too high, the machine will alarm and stop work automatically. If the the water level is low, you can not open the laser.
Languages available: Chinese, English, Russia, Korea. Customized languages available.
Touch screen easy to set the parameters

10X colorful CCD

It is of this jewelry laser welding machine an optional parts and used to help the worker to observe the welding effect conveniently

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