Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


“Custom beam shape of fiber laser cutting machine based on a principle, namely: with the circular laser beam of single beam, compared to traditional laser cutting , new fiber laser cutting process using the complex shape of a laser beam.Unique focusing properties using high-power single-mode fiber laser, the beam of the complex shape, and make it possible the overall detachments of laser energy, so as to create a “keyhole”, used in laser welding and laser cutting applications.The rest of the energy will be allocated to melt;Before that, the main beam is used to create a proper high steam pressure distribution on the surface of the molten material.Which makes it can be partial pressure on the flow of melt incision, more than the commonly used in laser cutting of coaxial gas injection pressure.As a result, the incision is very narrow.Potential new technology, in a larger range of cutting speed does not produce flash, and in the narrow contour cutting for high speed cutting, can also produce high quality of incision.