Do you know the advantage of jewelry laser welding machine?

Jewelry has always been the hot pursuit of female consumers, which makes the original jewelry production process unable to keep up with the times and cannot meet the needs of customers, and the emergence of jewelry laser welding machines just makes up for this defect. So what are the advantages of jewelry laser welding machine?

1. The solder joints are small, and the processing process is not easy to cause damage


Jewelry has increasingly high requirements for engraving and its surface, and traditional processing methods will no longer meet market requirements. The emergence of the jewelry laser welding machine is satisfying the transformation of the industry's processing methods. It has obvious advantages in jewelry welding, electric welding trachoma, and so on. For jewelry, the smaller the damage caused during processing, the more guaranteed the value of jewelry. Solder joints are an important processing technology. Good-quality jewelry laser welding machines have the advantages of small solder joints, precise and meticulous. When the welding depth is sufficient, the gap is small, the speed is fast, and the affected heat area is small, so that it is not easy to deform and cause little damage. Its frequency and spot size can be greatly adjusted to achieve a variety of welding effects.


2. The welding speed is fast, which can obviously improve the work efficiency


The processing efficiency of jewelry plays an important role in the competition. The jewelry laser welding machine with good reputation in the industry has fast welding speed and is not easy to deform. After welding, it does not need to spend time correcting and polishing. Laser welding will not form fire spots, and no secondary processing is required. Shorten It shortens the production time of jewelry, its photoelectric conversion rate is high, the xenon lamp can last and work stably, and the imported ceramic concentrator has a long life cycle, is not easy to corrode, and can continue to work in a high temperature environment, so that the work efficiency greatly improved.


The advantages of jewelry laser welding machines are not only bright spots in welding processing and improving work efficiency, but also simple and easy for staff to operate. This high-quality jewelry laser welding machine adopts an advanced shading system, which greatly reduces the damage to the eyes during the processing process. The ergonomic and humanized design makes the staff work easily and reduce fatigue. increased market demand.


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Post time: Mar-17-2023