Portable handheld fiber laser cleaning machine

makes work more convenient


Traditional cleaning machine is bulky, it’s difficult to move to another place to work once the position is set. The new style of portable handheld fiber laser cleaning machine, with light size, easy operation, high power cleaning, non-contact, non-polluting features, for cast iron, carbon steel plate rust cleaning, stainless steel, mold gear oil cleaning, aluminum plate, stainless steel baking paint oxide cleaning, powerful power not only will not damage the cleaned objects, but also will not pollute the environment.

pollute the environment


  1. 1.Portable design: compact structure, easy to move, can be single person operation.
  2. 2.Efficient cleaning: high efficiency of laser cleaning, saving time.
  3. 3.Non-contact cleaning: laser cleaning without abrasion and non-contact.
  4. 4.No pollution: no need to use any chemicals and cleaning solutions, safe and environmentally friendly.
  5. 5.Intelligent control: a variety of cleaning modes can be selected, a key intelligent operation.

6. Precise cleaning: precise location and precise size cleaning can be achieved.

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Post time: Nov-04-2022